About Us

Our Founder

Joe Pechacek headshot

Clear Success Group’s founder Joe Pechacek has over 25 years’ experience implementing process improvement and management strategies to improve business management efficiency.  During his career, Mr. Pechacek continued to see some of the same struggles and challenges being faced by individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations as they tried to define and achieve greater success.  He founded the Clear Success Group to help individuals and businesses address and solve these challenges.  He developed the innovative CLEAR Process™ based on this experience and has applied this simple yet powerful principle to help both individuals and businesses define and reach their goals.

In addition to 25 years’ experience in process improvement and business management efficiency, Mr. Pechacek has completed a Masters Degree in Engineering Management with emphasis on Management Design and Operations Research, completed the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt requirements as well as numerous industry and professional certifications.  A continuous learner, Mr. Pechacek is passionate about helping others achieve their true potential.

Our Philosophy


The founding philosophy of the Clear Success Group is to provide a simple yet powerful goal achievement system that focuses on basic principles.  It is our belief that any strategy, innovation, development, or manufactured product is the result of setting and then achieving a goal.  The innovative CLEAR Process™ was designed to be a flexible goal and business management system so that it can be applied to any innovation, strategic plan, or business and personal goal.  We find that in it’s simplicity is great power as the same basic principle can be applied to numerous outcomes.

In a world that is changing faster than ever before, there is a strong desire to focus on more complex solutions – or at least what may be perceived as more complex if we do not fully understand it.  With the current workforce spanning five generations and people working later into their lives, the gap between communications and expectations for each generation is becoming wider.  The younger generations will most often accept new technology and apply it more quickly than the older generations, yet all generations have the same capability to accept and use the technology, they just tend to move at different speeds and with different expectations.

Clear Success Group wants to help narrow the generation gap in the workplace and business by providing a system where all levels and age-groups of an organization can be on the same page and achieve both business and personal goals.

Studies have shown that the Millennial (GenY) and Post-Millennial (GenZ) generations will conduct business in very different ways to the Baby Boomers and GenX.  Current businesses need to market to and engage the Millennials more, while future businesses will need to know what should remain to keep Baby Boomers and GenX engaged.  Clear Success Group is passionate about helping to bridge this gap in business and help companies prepare for the future of business.