Productivity Management

The average business loses up to 40% of their productivity due to inefficient processes and procedures.  Clear Success Group can help you identify these productivity drains and provide the project management to regain lost productivity.

Experience has taught us that many business processes and procedures remain unchanged over time either due to not questioning if there are better methods or a fear of trying something new – the age-old adage of if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.  Another reason inefficient processes remain is that business owners struggled to just get it done, create a quick solution that works, and then began to train their employees to do that way, and the employee just goes along with it.

Clear Success Group knows that it can be difficult to adopt new processes much less take the time to investigate if there are better ways.  So often the time commitment needed to increase productivity is over-shadowed by the short-term productivity gain rather than looking to the long-term gain.  Spending 10 minutes now to save 30 seconds in a process will pay off after only 20 cycles, yet this relationship is often overlooked.  Our innovative CLEAR Process™ can provide the path to establish projects that result in regaining lost productivity.

Clear Success Group can help you and your team find lost productivity by offering coaching, consulting, and training support in the following areas that are critical to increased productivity:

  • Efficiency – So often the term efficiency is misunderstood and not well measured. Efficiency is quite simply the relationship between the amount of work put into a process and the effectiveness of the outcome.  Often, we accept small losses of efficiency in favor of having to change, and this will add up over time.
  • Project Management – Regaining lost productivity is a process that should be structured as a series of projects that address the needed change. Some projects may be small and take little effort, while other projects could be larger and take time to fully implement.  Clear Success Group can provide the Project Management as we teach your team what they need to know to manage change projects. 
  • Time Management – Time Management is a popular topic and there are plenty of resources on the topic. Everyone has their own definition of what Time Management means and how to achieve it, and this can hurt your team more than help it.  Clear Success Group will work with your team to develop the best implementation of Time Management principles that work best for your business.

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